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The story of how the Lummi Nation risked it all to stop North America's largest proposed coal terminal.

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For the last decade, the Pacific Northwest has been the target of an unprecedented number of fossil fuel export terminals, funded by an industry with its eyes set on the East. The largest of these, the Pacific Gateway Terminal, would have been North America’s largest coal export terminal, shipping millions of tons of the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel to Asia every year. The global impact would be undeniably massive. But even more, the impact on local communities would be devastating. From hundreds of uncovered coal carts traveling by rail through multiple major metropolitan areas every day, to the very location of the terminal being the sacred and historical fishing site of the Lummi Nation for centuries, dozens of communities would bare the risks and impacts with very little reward. So while the coal industry saw dollar signs, the people of the Pacific Northwest saw the place they call home in danger of being altered forever. One by one, communities began to take a stand, and a battle of epic proportions began. Who would prevail?

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“Mandatory viewing for those following the Northwest coal exports debate. A thoughtful and beautiful portrayal… of the Lummi Nation’s improbable victory."
- Eric de Place, Policy Director, Sightline Institute
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