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With a knack for calling in sick on powder days and a passion for filmmaking, the team at North 40 dreamed of making a ski film that was a little different from most of the “professionals-bombing-down-something-crazy-over-and-over-again” films that are out there. They wanted to make a film that celebrated the universal love skiers and boarders of all stripes share for the hometown hill. Two bad snow years, one epic one and a few frost-bitten toes later, Lifted: a Ski Film for the Rest of Us was born!


Sometime between filming first tracks down the mountain and editing countless hours of mostly awesome footage, North 40 was approached by their own hometown hill, Mission Ridge, with the idea of timing the film’s release to coincide with their 50th anniversary season. It was the perfect match. So in 2016, in front of a snow-crazed, Mission Ridge-loving crowd of over over a thousand, Lifted premiered to the world.


Today, Lifted is being shown across the country at festivals and private screenings as a celebration of hometown hills everywhere, and the diverse group of skiers and boarders that call them home. Loved by families, experts, beginners and everyone in between, Lifted is a ski film for the rest of us.