Download a digital copy of Paul's complete presentation for your own event.

  • A digital download of the complete 60 minute presentation given by Paul Hessburg in front of a live studio audience
  • Press kit with artwork for posters, post cards, and social media to help you market your event
  • One time use license (Please note that duplicating, rebroadcasting or publishing any part of the 60-Minute Eraof Megafires Presentation in any capacity is prohibited.) 
  • Cost: $250 
  • Additional use $100 per event, up to five. Please contact us if you'd like to do more than one screening!


  • The Presentation is between 60 minutes, plus a Q&A session after to focus on local issues. Feel free to invite your own experts and/or use Dr. Hessburg.
  • You’ll need a venue and existing audio/visual equipment. We do have audio visual equipment to supplement as needed. (See check list upon application.)
  • Expenses to host include a licensing fee plus actual travel costs for Dr. Hessburg and his assistant.
  • Please invite any and all appropriate organizations to have a booth in the lobby to give the audience additional opportunities to learn about the issues.
  • We will provide press kit to be adapted for your event