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Relationships drive everything we do at North 40; they are present in the laughs and passions we share as a crew, in learning about our clients, their work, and their audiences, and through introspection, to know ourselves well enough to tell stories that inspire. We challenge our clients to ask big questions like “why”, and trust us to find new creative ways to captivate viewers.

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We look for partners to create authentic and engaging content that brings positive change to the way humans relate with the world around them. This is our common passion and the collaborative that is North 40, and we invite you to join us.

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The most important question we ask our clients is “why?”. Digging in to understand how our clients work and what their needs really are, is essential to our process. We identify a driving purpose that informs every step of the creative development process. Fancy camera techniques and lofty creative concepts are only effective when they directly fulfill a deeper objective. 

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