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Every real skier and snowboarder knows their local mountain. Not just the chairlifts and groomed runs, but where to find all the sweet hidden stashes and the best places to ski in any given weather on any given day. The feature film Lifted celebrates this relationship with engaging characters, stunning cinematography, and of course, killer ski and snowboard footage. While taking place at Mission Ridge, a small local mountain in the heart of the Cascade Mountains, it is the story of every community ski area in the world.

The Wildfire Project

Welcome to the era of the mega-fire, where America’s forests are sick and burning at an unprecedented level of destruction. Forest ecologists are warning us that the worst is yet to come, unless we do something… But what? Follow fire fighters, renowned forest scientists and everyday families as they face the crisis everybody in the West should be talking about. 


Redefine Positive

When Jodie Howerton, a mother of an HIV positive child, discovered that school HIV/AIDS education curriculum had not been updated since the late 80's, she had to do something. With the support of Seattle Children's Hospital, Washington State and the public through crowd funding on Indiegogo, our Redefine video series is the result. Check out part 1 of 4 and see how today HIV/AIDS does not have to be a death sentence it used to be.

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