We've assembled quite the talent over the years.

With them, we can go anywhere, do anything, and have a great time while we're at it. 

Jeff Ostenson Executive Producer.jpg

Jeff Ostenson

Executive Producer

Jeff ensures that the fine balance between art and purpose is maintained. Sometimes friend, therapist, task master, mentor and devil’s advocate, he manages the challenging task of reaching project goals while letting the creative voices be heard.

Charles Atkinson Producer.jpg

Charles Atkinson


Charles takes an idea on paper and insures that it becomes a fantastic piece of media. From fleshing out stories to post-production management, he makes sure things get done.

Oly Mingo Creative Director.jpg

Oly Mingo

Creative Director

Our commercial and documentary projects require intelligent subject matter, engaging characters, and passionate storytelling. But who says they can't look good too? Mingo's signature approach of stunning visual effects, creative editing, and stylish design brings professional production values to every project.

Nathan Getzin Director of Photography.jpg

Nathan Getzin

Director of Photography

The quintessential utility player, Nathan films, animates, edits AND is an accomplished web and graphic designer.

Chad Yenney Audio Engineer.jpg

Chad Yenney

Audio Engineer

Music and sound are critical elements that breathe life and emotion into every project. Chad makes it sound great, and is just as brilliant behind the camera and in the editing bay.

Steve Scott Director of Content.jpg

Steve Scott

Director of Content

From drafting project proposals to writing scripts, Steve puts the right words in the right order and represents our clients’ needs throughout the process.